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The party’s objective is the development of Armenia as a democratic, lawful, and rights-based country that anchors its domestic and foreign policies in the nation’s sovereign interest. The Heritage’s platform of words and deeds stems from national and universal human values and from the civilizational inheritance of the past, and aims to secure a life of opportunity and dignity for the Armenian people. The party strives also to bequeath to the coming generations a free, strong, prosperous, and sovereign Homeland, to take part in the constitution and leadership of its national and local governments, and to contribute to the civic, socioeconomic, and cultural life of the Republic.

To satisfy the necessary minimum conditions for a society of prosperous and dignified lives, the settlement of the following key issues is required:

a) establishing a democratic state governed by the rule of law;

b) developing and launching civic initiatives and empowering civil society;

c) recognizing and then bolstering the national heritage of respect for society and state, developing and carrying out new state-building concepts for national progress;

d) improving legislation in accord with public and citizens’ needs;

e) participating in the formation and activities of public administration and governmental bodies through transparent, free, and fair elections.

The Party shall hold conferences, seminars, roundtable discussions, trainings, and meetings in order to effectively accomplish its statutory objectives and tasks, as well as to implement other programs and activities to that end.

The Party shall cooperate with state and non-governmental organizations, local governing bodies of RA, international and foreign organizations, legal entities, and individuals.

The Party may establish representation in other countries in accordance with the legislation of those countries.

The Party may establish mass media mechanisms and distribute information on its activities through them in conformity with RA legislation.

The Party shall establish territorial subdivisions in the Republic of Armenia.