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Every citizen of RA, having attained the age of eighteen and having accepted the Party Program and its Charter, may become a party member on a voluntary basis. A member of the Party can not be a member of another political party. Non-citizens vested under special statutes with voting rights in RA may also become members of the Party, but without rights of election to the governing and supervisory bodies.

The decision on prospective party membership for a new applicant on the basis of his/her written application is taken by the executive council of the Party’s regional subdivision. Leaving the party and relinquishing membership shall occur on the basis of a written application or else a decision by the Board to suspend the membership of a given member. Presented by the Board, the procedure for membership and revocation of membership is approved by the Party Council.

The territorial subdivision shall provide the Party Board with copies of citizens’ applications before making decisions on their membership. The Party Board has a right to raise an objection against any application. In the case of disagreement between the Board and the territorial subdivision, the Chairperson of the Board is vested with the authority to resolve the matter.

A member of the Party shall pay a specifically set membership fee. The amount and payment procedure is approved by the Party Council based on the proposal of the Party Board.

A Party member shall not be enrolled simultaneously in more than one territorial subdivision.

A Party member shall be entitled to:

a) elect and be elected to the permanent governing and supervisory bodies of the Party and its structural and territorial subdivisions;

b) participate in the Party’s activities envisaged by the present Charter;

c) be nominated by the Party for elections of different levels;

d) bring his/her proposals and comments on Party activities, Program, and Charter for consideration and discussion by the Party’s governing bodies;

e) freely express his/her thoughts and opinions;

f) obtain information on the activities of the Party, its governing bodies, and members nominated for various elective and executive offices;

g) be aware of the Party’s actions, be acquainted with the work of its bodies recorded in documentation and minutes, be able to obtain the copies of decisions made by them;

h) appeal to the Party Board, its Chairperson, and the Council against the decisions of territorial subdivisions and their chairpersons, and to file an appeal to the Statutory Committee against the Board and Council decisions;

i) freely leave the party and relinquish membership, according to his/her application;

j) enjoy other rights envisaged by the Charter and RA legislation.

A member of the Party shall be obliged to:

a) abide by and act within the Charter and Program of the Party, and assist to the utmost in the fulfillment of their provisions by his/her activities and behavior;

b) pay membership fees as defined by the Party Council;

c) support the realization of the Party goals and objectives;

d) support the Party’s overall activities;

e) bear with dignity the calling for a Party member and assist in increasing the Party reputation, and refrain from any unethical or illegal actions that might blemish the Party’s reputation and standing;

f) carry out the decisions of governing bodies of the Party;

g) assist in enrolling new members and reinforcing the Party structures;

h) fulfill the requirements of the Charter;

i) refrain from struggling against the decisions of the governing bodies outside the Party structures;

j) first appeal to the superior bodies of the Party against the decision of the Party structures; the superior bodies are obliged to discuss the appeal and make a decision during the next scheduled session.

Members involved in the Party’s governing bodies must actively participate in the activities of respective bodies and obey the decisions of both the given body and superior bodies.