Yerevan—At Heritage Party headquarters here today, Raffi K. Hovannisian, Armenia’s first minister of foreign affairs and current Heritage chairman, hosted an official reception on the twin occasions of the 15th anniversary of the founding of the Party and the 26th of the Republic.

Attended by the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, chiefs of mission from the United States, Russia and Iraq, officials of the European Union and other international organizations, leaders of political parties, intellectual and civil society representatives, and Heritage Party faithful from across the country, the celebration opened with the blessing of Archpriest Hovel Gamaghelyan and Marina Nahapetyan’s rendition of the national anthem “Mer Hairenik.”

Heritage vice chairman Armen Martirosyan offered welcoming remarks, invited party board member Ligia Melkumyan to speak on behalf of the women of Heritage, and then called upon spokesman Gevorg Ghahramanyan to express the youth’s perspective and to read the congratulatory message from European People’s Party President Joseph Daul.

“I congratulate the Heritage Party on 15 years of political activity, on being an EPP member since 2012, on serving the interests of the Armenian people and contributing to the plurality of Armenia’s political spectrum. As the name of your party highlights, you are committed to the heritage of your people and serving their interests,” Daul wrote. /See his entire message here http://heritage.am/en/news/566-220917-1-en/

Raffi Hovannisian then delivered the day’s keynote address, focusing on the trials, tribulations and triumphs of the Republic of Armenia over the past quarter-century and on the 15 years of devoted public service of its part and parcel, the Heritage Party. He recommitted himself and Heritage to continue the quest for a truly sovereign, democratic and legitimate Homeland which respects the rights of its people, and pursues its vital national interests, at home and abroad.

Concluding with a toast to the Republic of Armenia, to the Armenian people and its friends throughout the world, and to the citizen-soldiers, past and present, of the Heritage Party, Hovannisian invited the assembled guests to enjoy the reception in the Heritage garden.

The complete text of Raffi Hovannisian’s public address in Armenian, entitled “Heritage is the Offspring of Armenia’s Independence,” can be found here http://heritage.am/hy/news/564-220917.