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Obstacles to national security and ways to overcome them

      RA national security suggests freedom of citizens for complete performance in an internal and external environment protected from any type of threads and dangers to the society, which requires creation of effective and flexible security system. Objectives of national security should be in line with the principles of “complete self-governance for the state and excellent degree of freedom and protection of rights for the society and citizens”.




      RA national security includes the objective of ensuring safe life of Armenians all over the world, given the fact out the state territory Armenia there is also the Armenian Diaspora.


    With this regard, adoption of legislation comprising both general and specific professional norms for provision of national security, urgent revision of national security strategy in its all components, including military, foreign political, economic, information, food, energy, social, environmental security, etc, as well as adoption of laws on the above components.

Demographic problems and solutions thereto

      In order to overcome the demographic challenges, Armenia needs promoted fertility through protection of family, maternity and childhood, etc.


    It is necessary to:
    • Create additional mechanisms for realization of labor rights of young families;
    • Provide affordable housing conditions for young families by mortgage lending system through state housing construction programs;
    • Define the size of maternal benefits in the amount of funds required for baby care, ensure protection of pregnant women, and regulate employer /pregnant women relations;
    • Significantly increase benefits provided to each second and successor baby born in the family;
    • Undertake other complex activities.

Environmental problems and solutions thereto

  • The best policy of environmental protection is evasion of tense pesthole from the very beginning, rather than struggling against in the later,
  • Republic of Armenia should formulate such legislative mechanisms, which will make undertaking of environmental activities profitable for entrepreneurs,
  • In tax, investment and lending policies the state entities should demonstrate diversified treatment against initiatives contributing to environmental protection. It is hereby suggested to grant tax privileges over specialized enterprises engaged in production of environmentally-friendly products as compared to polluting producers. There should be diversified practice of collecting ecological fees.

Other /National army/

      As ensuring its security, the Republic of Armenia should lean against its own forces, and first of all, its own military forces, which anticipates overall military readiness, regardless of gender.


    The regular RA army is called to defend the borders of the country from external invasions; the army guarantees independence and territorial integrity of the state. As the need arises, the army may also serve to guarantee vital interests of Armenia beyond the state borders, in compliance with the defense-offensive provision of the Republic of Armenia.